Diplomatic Bag and Secure Logistics

Our history incorporates more than 800 years of ensuring the Governments diplomatic mail is protected. This means we are experts in ensuring mail and materials are where they need to be, when they need to be there, securely and without compromise.

Our service is global, including to hostile environments. We operate a secure, flexible and cost-effective door-to-door global service by ground and air. Our diplomatic courier services, known as the FastWays Delivery Messengers, make sure sensitive material is always kept safe throughout its entire journey.

As well as securely delivering information and materials we also manage its disposal. Protecting information effectively includes making sure it is disposed of correctly when it is no longer needed. We destroy or dispose of all sensitive items, ranging from paper and other documents to hardware, in a secure, environmentally friendly service that has a full audit trail for complete assurance.

We will take care of your cargo and deliver them safe and on time.

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